Topological Biomolecular Dynamics

A Program within the
PRIMUS Center of Foundational Physics and Complex Systems
A component of the TETRAD Institute

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TBD is where RTD is scaled-up and it develops into organic macromolecules such as polymers and proteins and then into self-organizing, self-reproducing organisms - LIFE Itself.

Comprising TETRAD Institute is a faculty comprised of Fellows, Mentors, Researchers and Visitors. There are organizational affiliations with multiple universities and other institutions but the Institute and PRIMUS Center are independent from any other external institution. (The mission and activities are consistent and similar to some of the original motivations and founding ideas of the Institute for Advanced Study, Perimeter, Kavli, and several others worldwide.)

(Additional Program Activity)

  • Seldon – a TETRAD Institute project, the PRIMUS focus being upon the theoretical and computational elements including complex systems, non-linear dynamics and the use of quantum information and computation technology models.
  • TETRAD Seminars - focused scientific workshops bringing together colleagues and associates working in these and related research areas, with an educational component addressing broader academic and popular audiences.

Selected Bibliography of Relevant Papers by Fellows, Associates, and Others (works that connect closely and/or supportively to PRIMUS research focus)

Selected, supportive, Relevant Bibliography

Website & selected bibliography, co-founder & current Director, Martin Dudziak

Link to original (predecessor) Institute for Innovative Study and LEAPS Laboratory

Food for Thought:
"If [all physicists] follow the same current fashion in expressing and thinking about ... field theory ... [the accuracy of] hypotheses being generated is limited ... possibly the chance is high that the truth lies in the fashionable direction. But on the off chance that it is in another direction - a direction obvious from an unfashionable view of field theory - who will find it? Only someone who sacrifices himself from a peculiar and unusual point of view one may have to invent for himself." - Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize lecture

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops

We will be opening other public websites soon with papers, presentations and video lectures. See also (above) links to the pages of the predecessor Institute for Innovative Study and within it, the LEAPS Lab (Laboratory for Emergent Adaptive Processes and Systems). For further information, contact us via +1 (231) 492-8301 or +1 (505) 926-1399 or by email to

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